Something Fresh

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From what I read on other blogs, I feel as though I’m not alone in my lack of culinary inspiration this time of year. The weeks between the last of winter and not-quite spring are long and arduous, snowing one day with windows open the next (and tornadoes, if you’re in the Midwest). Farmer’s markets […]


The Easiest Mac and Cheese

Easiest Mac and Cheese

Let’s talk about roots. A little throw back, if you will. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted in forever 12 days. Wow, only 12 days? I guess it could be worse (as in, there’s a Boeing 777 still missing for that exact same amount of time…). Anyway, so as not to compare my […]


No Bake Raspberry Chocolate Tart


This is a sponsored post on behalf of my blog and Green and Black’s Organic. I’m excited to be their featured blogger for the month of March – visit their Facebook page and spot my mug in the cover photo! Please note that I received the chocolate used in this recipe plus a few bonus […]


#MyHomeTownGuide – My Favorite Restaurant + Market Hybrids in St. Louis


This is a sponsored partner post on behalf of my blog, Honest Cooking, and Fiji Water. I was given the opportunity to post a guide to St. Louis by Honest Cooking and the #MyHomeTownGuide campaign by Fiji Water. How could I turn down a chance to show off St. Louis? Please note that I was […]


Andouille Gumbo with Creole Roasted Shrimp


The extent of my Mardi Gras education went like this: eat paczki’s on Fat Tuesday (a glorified and delicious jelly-filled donut), get ashes on Ash Wednesday, give up a vice for Lent, reunite with said vice after 40 days. Catholic school, I tell ya. I never knew much about Mardi Gras culture growing up. I […]


February Things

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It is extraordinarily grey today. The bad news is that it’s been grey almost the entire week. The good news is that I woke up to rolling waves of thunder and the steady pitter-patter of raindrops. Is there any better sign of spring than a little earth-shaking kaboom first thing in the AM? I love […]


Sweet Potato Chorizo Shepherd’s Pie


My weekend went a little like this (if you were to follow me on Instagram, you’d know this already): We have a bit of a Valentine’s Day tradition where Matt cooks dinner. He’s come a long way since our first Valentine’s Day together, and this year was no exception – expertly cooked filet with a […]


Valentine’s Day Roundup – Heart-Shaped Things

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I always try (really hard!) to keep a blogging calendar. I do have one, but do I keep it? Meh. Ideally, if I kept that calendar, I’d have a classic yet modern twist on a chocolaty, heart-shaped Valentine’s Day recipe that blows up on Pinterest within minutes of pinning. Right. Instead, I’m rounding up other people’s heart-shaped […]


Popchips Giveaway


This post is sponsored by popchips. They sent me a box of popchips to munch on (though I’ve tried many a flavor myself – GREAT for lunches), and they are providing the product available for giveaway. Good luck! So really, who doesn’t love popchips? They are a great, natural alternative to satisfy salty and crunchy […]


Roasted Vegetable and Red Quinoa Salad


My apologies for the time between posts. It’s amazing how time slips away, isn’t it? Last week was one of my busiest weeks at work yet, and we didn’t stop moving over the weekend. Finally though, thanks to a midday snow storm, I’m able to sit and chat with you all. I’m so excited to […]