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My Third of July, In Photos - Every Little Thing

My Third of July, In Photos

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I had to work yesterday, so Sunday was my Fourth Third of July. We had a great day – did some shopping in the morning, grocery-shopped, and had grilled ribeye for dinner! There might have been a few drinks in between too 🙂

Here’s my Fourth Third of July, in photos:


Roasted red pepper hummus, using this recipe.


Delicious Bloody Mary! Tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, salt and pepper, celery!

Cloudy skies rolling in.


Mango, vodka, club soda drink! Indoors because of the rain.


Blue cheese coleslaw, watermelon, fruit salad.


Grilled mushrooms.


A feast!


(I didn’t eat the ‘shrooms. Couldn’t do it!)

Hope you all had a great Fourth!

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