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Salted Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie a la Lebovitz

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A fun post for your weekend fix. These may look like ordinary chocolate chip cookies but they pack a secret punch – the slight tang of salt floats in between the chocolate chips and balances out the cookie to perfection.


I’ve baked salted cookies a couple of times, so you know I’m no stranger to the relationship between salty and sweet. The thing is though, I’ve always salted the outside and never the inside.

Seems like an obvious change, right?


I’m certainly no baking expert and have always been afraid to tweak cookie recipes by adding salt. Until I found David Lebovitz and his recipe for Salted Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Note the important wording within the title. Not just salted chocolate chip cookies, but salted butter chocolate chip cookies. Yes, salted butter, the package you always shy away from at the grocery store since “we should lower our sodium intake, after all.”


Lebovitz uses creamy, rich French butter. I used grocery store butter. Still good. The salt comes through in a way that doesn’t jar your taste buds so much as it wakes them up.


You don’t need salt on top either. David says he enjoys the subtle flavor the hidden salted butter within the cookie, rather than overt salt sprinkles on top. I agree.


If you can get your hands on good, quality salted butter, do it. If not, use the salted butter from the grocery store. Both will work and both will create the sweet/salty combo that just works. I didn’t change a thing in Lebovitz’s recipe, other than leaving out the nuts.


Try it out and let me know your results!

Happy Friday!

Question: Do you watch your salt intake?

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