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Brown Butter Brownies for a Bake Sale - Every Little Thing

Brown Butter Brownies for a Bake Sale

The weekend is over already? This just isn’t fair. A busy week last week culminated in my parents visiting from Michigan, which is always a great excuse to blow off responsibilities and eat out a lot 🙂 They brought us fresh pierogies and Polish sausage from Detroit and I brought them fresh, natural hot dogs from the Farmer’s Larder here in St. Louis. Quite the swap!


However, I did have one baking adventure to tend to. The annual Share Our Strength Food Blogger Bake Sale was this past weekend and I had to create a contribution. I thought about those brown butter chocolate chip cookies I made last month, but I wanted to do something different. I landed on these brown butter brownies with white chocolate from Bon Appetit. Perfect!


Since I am not one to experiment with dessert items (too much science), I followed the recipe exactly except for one change – out went the walnuts and in went white chocolate!


These brownies are rich, so the white chocolate cuts some of that richness and adds a light sweetness. The brown butter certainly comes through, in the best way possible, and makes sure the cocoa isn’t overpowering.

The ingredient list is simple: butter, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla, eggs, flour, and white chocolate.

The technique is simple: brown the butter; mix the butter with sugar, cocoa, water, vanilla, and salt; let sit for 5 minutes; add the eggs, then flour, then chocolate; bake.


Because I baked these for the bake sale, I wanted to package them in a way that would grab people’s attention. With my mom’s help, we created these recycled wax paper + twine packages!


I attached my business cards and they were good to go. Good things come in small packages right?


Since there was no actual brownie visible, I created a sign so people would know what they were buying. Here they are on the table at the bake sale:


The bake sale was a great success! Many people were swarming the table as I laid out my brownies. My food blogging friends stepped up to the plate for this sale as well, making a variety of delicious baked goods.


Stef from Cupcake Project went with my brown butter theme, and Tony baked some of his famous bread:


Amy from Eat It St. Louis made these absolutely delicious hand pies and Iron Stef continued her 2012 Year of the Balls with chocolate salty balls:


I’ll update you when I know exactly how much we made for Share Our Strength. And don’t forget to check out the brownie recipe from Bon Appetit!

Question: What was the last thing you baked? Favorite thing to bake for a bake sale?


  1. kimberly9938 says:

    Thanks for participating in the bake sale, Stacy. Stef and I had a great time organizing it … and we can’t wait to share with everyone just how much we made. Stay tuned!

  2. Vanessa @ Project Zen says:

    Probably my peanut butter pie. It was the first thing I ever baked and it’s a hit every time! 

    My challenge though is to make it vegan so my vegan friends can enjoy it too hehe.

  3. Holy cow those brownies look amazing!!  And the recipe looks so easy which make these incredibly dangerous haha.  For bake sales, I always go with cookies.  My fave is the recipe on the back of the reeses pb chip bag.  Like double chocolate pb or something like that. 

  4. No problem! Can’t wait to hear how we did.

  5. Vegan desserts can be challenging but you can definitely still make a lot of good stuff

  6. Thanks! Cookies are always my go-to, but this time I guess I wanted to do something different!

  7. Mmm, I’m thinking peanut butter chips would be good in those brownies.  Bummed I missed the bake sale (didn’t hear about it until the last minute and had an out-of-town guest), but I hope to participate next year!

     Last thing baked: Chocolate pumpkin cake with butter cream frosting 🙂

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