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Friday Photo Dump [v1.0] - Every Little Thing

Friday Photo Dump [v1.0]

Welcome to Friday! This weekend seemed a long time coming so I’m welcoming it with open arms. I just posted a tasty spring recipe on Wednesday night, so this post is a photo dump for your viewing pleasure (something that might become a Friday regular). If you follow me on Instagram (@goblue8426), Twitter, or Facebook, you may have seen some of the following, but here they are again with a bit of an explanation.

Enjoy your Friday, and be sure to scroll down to the comments because today is a linking post! I want you to advertise yo’ self!


[grilled asparagus and chicken with garlic rub]

photo (2)

[shredded gruyere – shredding fresh cheese instead of buying bagged is so much better]

photo (4)

[before we went fishing a couple weeks ago. yes, that’s a deer skull!]

photo (3)

[great day st. louis set from my segment last week! snacks better homemade]

photo (5)

[spinach and feta omelette, using alton brown’s technique. this is my first perfect omelette!]


[buffalo chicken pizza for dinner last night. it’s our favorite to make at home]


[my first quiche! four eggs, 3/4 cup milk/cream mix, s&p, onion, pepper, kale, cheddar, pie crust. bake at 375 for 35 minutes!]


[parmesan kale chips! tear large pieces of kale and spray with olive oil. bake at 375 for about 12 minutes. sprinkle with Parm and bake another 1-2 minutes.]

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  1. that quiche and pizza look awesome!!  I haven’t jumped on the instrgram wagon yet, but the day is young 🙂

  2. TheUnintentionalChef says:

    The gruyere picture makes me want grilled cheese! 

    Buffalo chicken pizza is one of my favorites to make at home. Have you tried it with ranch dressing? That might be a Pittsburgh thing, though.www.theunintentionalchef.com 🙂

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