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Meyer Lemon Roll Out Cookies for Christmas! - Every Little Thing

Meyer Lemon Roll Out Cookies for Christmas!

If you haven’t overdosed on sugar from cookies, candy, and pies at this point, I applaud you. Though it’s only Christmas Eve, it seems like the eating part of this holiday begins well before. And if you’ve baked anything, not only must you eat others confections, but you most certainly have to taste test your own!

I made these cookies to give my taste buds a break from all the super sweet Christmas desserts. That’s not to say that these cookies don’t have sugar or aren’t sweet; however, Meyer lemons work perfectly to balance all that sugar. They are a sweeter lemon, blending in with they’re surroundings yet surprising the taste buds with a tiny bit of tart.

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

I was able to make such fantastic cookies thanks to products from a few very generous companies. I have received these items throughout the last month and wanted to save them to make something extra tasty for Christmas. I think I succeeded!

Thanks to King Arthur Flour, Nielsen-Massey, Frieda’s Produce, and OXO for their high quality, durable, and consumer-friendly products!

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

The recipe I used is described by The Kitchn as the “workhorse” of roll out sugar cookie dough and I can attest to that fact. This is the second time I’ve made these cookies this season (first, in the shape of puzzle pieces for my coworkers!) and the dough stood the test as far as durability and ease of use.

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

Now, I only made the “small batch” but that “small batch” makes over three dozen cookies, so it was plenty. The Kitchn lists a “big batch” recipe that makes upwards of eight dozen but hear me out – the dough is perfect for freezing!

Perfect holiday roll out cookies in February? Yes please!

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

I covered the cookies with a simple Martha Stewart lemon glaze. Confectioner’s sugar, Meyer lemon juice and zest. Dunk and let harden!

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

I posted this on Instagram and Twitter but honestly, the zest in the glaze makes these stars sparkle like the real thing.

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

Just a side note – you’ll want to under-bake these cookies a bit. I took them out when they had a light brown edge and bottom (approximately 9 minutes) and they stayed soft for days in a sealed container. They never hardened into a crunch, and I love that!

Meyer Lemon Cookies | everylittlethingblog.com

Enjoy these sweet ‘n tart stars but most of all…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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