#CleanUpThanksgiving OXO Giveaway

Recently, OXO offered blogging partners a little bit of help with Thanksgiving cleanup. As part of their blogger outreach program, I received a #CleanUpThanksgiving package containing a ton of their cleaning tools. I already use OXO in my kitchen on a daily basis but I love that, with this most recent package, comes consistency in my kitchen cleanup!

photo (7)

(Above photo posted by me on Instagram last week) I used the sponges to clean up our Thanksgiving Eve meal and have to say, cleaning never felt so smooth. I think my favorite of all the products they sent is the “big button” dish soap dispenser. The “big button” makes getting soap into even the biggest of pots super simple, and now there’s no sticky dish soap container sitting on my kitchen sink.

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Now for the important part of this blog post. Between my recent wedding and previous OXO blogger outreach opportunities, I currently have doubles of just a few OXO items. I contacted them to make sure they wouldn’t mind if I gave them away to readers and because they love you, they said sure!


I am combining these awesome OXO products with a couple of my favorite kitchen items to give away an awesome kitchen prize pack. Winners will receive:

  • 1 OXO Stainless Steel Sink Caddy
  • 1 OXO Fruit Scoop Set (set of 2)
  • 1 OXO Cherry Pitter
  • 1 OXO Mango Splitter
  • 1 OXO Small Cookie Spatula
  • 1 Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dish Soap (my soap of choice!)
  • 1 Crate and Barrel Dish Towel (Vera Neumann design)
  • 1 Food Should Taste Good tote bag

To enter the giveaway 

  1. Leave a comment at the end of this post telling me your least favorite post-Thanksgiving clean up task.
  2. Complete the steps in the giveaway widget below.

If you don’t see the widget, be patient as it might take a minute to load. If you have any questions about using the widget, you can contact me via email. Good luck!

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  1. Doing dishes is the least favorite one.

  2. Meghan Finley says:

    Without a dishwasher, dishes are my terrible chore.

  3. Jennifer Arent says:

    My least favorite task is doing the dishes. There’s usually 2-3 dishwasher loads plus all the hand-washing of the larger pots & pans. Boring & a waste of time… :)

  4. scrubbing hard to clean pots and pans!!!

  5. Doing the dishes, there are always so many more than usual!

  6. Definitely hate scrubbing the pans!

  7. Nicole Vosburgh says:

    I really hate doing all of the dishes after the Thanksgiving meal.

  8. Tricia Williams says:


  9. Jessica To says:

    I hate washing dishes! We try to use a lot of paper products, but there are still a lot that you have to wash!

  10. Ugh! Doing Dishes is definitely the worst!

  11. I despise having to clean all those dishes. Ugh!

  12. Dishes are, of course, a hated chore. But, more specifically, I hate cleaning the NINE crockpots I use for the dinner. Thank goodness removable crocks were invented or I’d really be in a bad way. :-)

  13. My least favorite post-Thanksgiving clean up chore is definitely washing and putting away all of the china, linens and serving platters!

  14. Hand washing the crystal IS THE ULTIMATE WORST!

  15. My least favorite chore is doing all the dishes!

  16. Cleaning the sticky dessert pans.

  17. Your blog is awesome!

  18. Scrubbing the roasting pan is the WORST!

  19. I hate cleaning the dressing dish

  20. Definitely scrubbing the pots and pans!

  21. i hate scrubbing hard to clean pots and pans!!!

  22. Christine says:

    Vacuuming! My vacuum is on it’s last leg, literally. I did get one on Black Friday!!

  23. washing wine glasses, for sure!

  24. my least favorite thanksgiving cleanup chore is cleaning the crockpots and trying to put them away.

  25. Least favorite? doing the dishes of course!!

  26. My least favorite chore about Thanksgiving is figuring out how to fit all the leftovers in the refrigerator!!!

  27. doing the dishes is my least favorite since I don’t have a dishwasher

  28. We host a Thanksgiving morning breakfast every year – it is the only time we can get everyone together at the same time….my least favorite chore is cleaning/washing all the skillets. Yuk.

  29. Lauren E. says:

    Mopping after everyone leaves. It hurts my back so much

  30. Packaging leftovers….

  31. Candice N says:

    The dishes!

  32. Hand washing all of the heirloom plates and serving ware. I love bringing back the tradition, but also wish the dishwasher was nicer on older pieces ;)

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