November Things


Am I really typing up a blog post using the words stocking stuffers?

I’m not trying to buy into the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas jargon. Really, I’m not! But I receive so many fun emails in my inbox that I’m dying to show off, and this time around, it just so happens that most of what I wanted to show would actually fit into a stocking. So there you have it.

(OK, the chicken stock I linked to would make for a pretty messy stocking, but maybe print out the recipe, fold it into a pretty star, and toss it in? Everyone should know about this recipe).

Here’s what I’m thinking about this month (sigh…stocking stuffers):

Sucre Shop Cheese Knives |

@ Brooke, a St. Louis friend and owner of Sucre Shop, sent me some of her new cheese knives to snap a few photos with. Aren’t they fun? Give them to a food-loving friend this holiday season (and yes, they would even fit into a stocking!)


@ You all know how much I adore Smitten Kitchen. Recently she posted a recipe for what she calls “Uncluttered Chicken Stock” – made in the slow cooker with nothing but chicken wings (yep, wings!) and some onion. She gives her reasoning in the post and claims that: “…what comes out is nothing short of life-changing.” How can you not try it?

@ I recently received the Pocket Beer Guide for review, and I’m glad I did. The book is indeed pocket-sized and details not only info on beer but the breweries that made it. I enjoyed that it’s split into regions so that if you’re traveling and want to brewery-hop (as we do every vacation), you can easily use this guide to find breweries along your route.


@ If you donate $60 to the Museum of Food and Drink (New York), you get this adorable, multi-use tote bag. The bag is made of recycled cotton canvas and boasts adjustable straps, making it NOT just another tote bag!

@ Another St. Louis friend, Stef from Cupcake Project, came up with a way to gift frosting to a lucky friend. She calls it Magical Frosting Dust and claims it melts in your mouth like its solid cousin. I certainly wouldn’t turn down a jar of this in my stocking.


@ Instagram, to which I obsessively post daily. Just yesterday I was listed by the St. Louis Riverfront Times food blog Gut Check as a St. Louis food account to follow (totally honored by the company that keeps that list, by the way!). Leave me your Instagram name – I’d love to follow you!

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  1. Love these ideas! Thanks for reminding me about Sucre Shop… more local holiday shopping done :)

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