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February Things - Every Little Thing

February Things

It is extraordinarily grey today. The bad news is that it’s been grey almost the entire week. The good news is that I woke up to rolling waves of thunder and the steady pitter-patter of raindrops. Is there any better sign of spring than a little earth-shaking kaboom first thing in the AM?

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I love the month of February, and not only because it’s my birth month. I feel as though February represents the cliff between even.more.winter and the first hints of spring. This morning’s weather certainly confirmed my theory. Even back in Michigan, where winter continues through the ides of March and, in bad years, into much of April, there’s always that chance that spring could come early, and February could mark the end of all the grey. Every year, February signifies that chance.

Here are my favorite things this month – most of them are sweet due to a major sugar binge centering around my birthday, a mere 10 days ago. I’m recovering now, focusing on oranges and dark chocolate for dessert rather than an overload of sprinkles, but ain’t it the truth that sugar is addicting? Yikes!

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@ We’re going to see the Avett Brothers tonight! We always try to catch them when they’re in town. I’m hoping to burn some calories while dancing in my seat.

@ Speaking of sugar…this Triple Berry Raw Brownie Parfait is killing me. Raw = healthy, amiright? Making it.

@ Remember, in January things, where I lament about oatmeal and the need for ideas? This woman takes it to a whole new level. Toasted oatmeal with strawberry chia jam and coconut whipped cream. Yeah, you heard me. Not sure I will (ever) have this much gusto to make this for breakfast but as a weekend experiment? It’s on the list.

Black Bean Soup | everylittlethingblog.com

@ This black bean soup is a life-saver. The crockpot does most of the work and at the end of a rough work day, scarfing bowl after bowl leaves no guilt whatsoever.

@ Who knew there were so many levels to boiling eggs? Bon Appetit, of course. I knew of two – hard-boiled and soft-boiled (though I’ve never actually made soft-boiled so I wasn’t convinced it was a thing). Boiled eggs are so deep.

@ Can not get enough citrus and these dehydrated citrus wheels from Spoon Fork Bacon? Absolutely gorgeous, providing new use to the plain old orange.

@ Winner of the Popchips Giveaway is posted! Did you win a month’s supply?

@ I’m thinking of doing a day-in-the-life post – are these still posts people enjoy reading? I know I still do. Anyway, let me know what you think about those, plus I definitely want to know what you think about the above desserts because… sugar.


  1. definitely going to need to try that soup! it looks great!

    also i would love to see a day in the life post!

  2. I love birthdays! Happy birthday!

  3. Love the Avett Brothers – hope you had a good time! And that black bean soup looks good!

  4. thank you for that black bean soup recipe–totally trying soon!

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